What can you expect?

I am not going to commit to a regular schedule just yet; I want to reserve this space for when I have something I believe to be truly impactful to share.

For those of you that came over from LinkedIn, you will notice some changes coming. I will follow up on those and publish a separate post about how you can follow that journey.

Why did I decide to start this project?

While the Don’t Let The Facts podcast with Ryan Ray, founder of War Room Media and elite podcast host of the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast behemoth, has given me a platform to be more vocal, I think there are topics that deserve more attention. The newsletter will be a way to focus in on some of those conversations in more detail.

I am open to feedback or suggestions, so please feel free to let me know if there is something specific you want me to tackle.

Join the conversation

Please jump in and share in the comments, but be respectful of each other if there’s anything said that is inflammatory!